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I canít believe this. People care because it is their livelihood. Itís how they earn a living. Sure the artiest will be well taken care of, but what about the blue color people who work in that industry? How about the guy who works in the factory making those CDís? If people create something, they should be paid for it. But, I do understand that the technology is not going to go away. The record companies are making an error in how they are handling this. They must understand that while they hate this technology, they have to embrace it and use it to further their case. This same issue was debated many many years ago when the radio began playing music. The record companies of the day hated the idea because it cut into their sells. In time they understood that you can not take away teck once it has been introduced, so they worked with it. The record companies of today will have to learn to do the same thing.
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