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Exclamation interesting morning

well guys i had an interesting morning. when i woke up i went over to my carpets to spray them and i realized that the back of one the the rubermaids was a little off. oh sh1t i thought to myself. i spent an hour looking over my entire room. but then i had to go to school. so i told myself i would find it when i got home. so there i am siting in programing class when i get a call from my sister

u will never belive this part but its true

my little baby female carpet had gone under my door and gone into my sisters back pack. and if u thought that was bad she has a phobia with snakes :S. when she got to school she open her back pack and there she was tryen to get out and i dont know waht happend from that point on because she wont tell me but i ended up skipen my class driven 30min to get to her school and then the principle given me the evil eye. but then i was leave one of the teachers wanted to see it so i showed it then they all wanted pics of it and everthing.

but all i can say is thank god she it all right and sleepen in her cage again from her relly stressful day.

looking for a young turtle other then a res or snapping contact
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