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Iím fully insured. I pay a little bit more than what Iím suppose to but it was either that or my insurances company would put a statement in my insurance that they wont pay if any thing even remotely appends Ďcause of my herp. But I rather pay extra because if something appends (exp: fire) and you didnít tell your insurance company and they found out that you ad reptiles they might not pay even if the reptiles were not the cause of the accident. And here in Quebec (I donít know for the rest of the country or the us) They have to give you insurances if they donít you just have to go to the insurance consumer protection (donít remember the name of the place) but they give a order to the company to give you insurances. Or course they going to put something like ďreptiles not coveredĒ but itís better than nothing.
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