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This amuses me and concerns me at the same time. I really have very little to do with American music anymore. Take a trip through my harddrive and you will find that the vast majority of the mp3s are in Japanese. This is music that is difficult if not impossible to find for sale in this country, and is certainly not licensed by RIAA members.

That said, I actually do buy quite a few CDs from overseas, mostly used, some new. But I utilize the file sharing networks for one major reason, there really *is* no other good way to obtain the music I enjoy. Do I have any licensed mp3s on my computer? Sure, a few. THe only CD I've bought in the last year was Fallen by Evanescence, and I ripped it for my own enjoyment and the purpose of mixing my own playlists. I also have a number of mp3s from their EPs which are not, to my knowledge, available for sale. There are, in addition, an odd assortment of other things, but a lot of *those* are obscure metal bands that don't have American licenses, either.

That is not to say, however, that would stop me. Especially now. I think the RIAA's attitude of flogging the consumer for failing to respond to their marketing blitz is rather laughable. While it's true that the situation is unique in that their product is obtainable from other sources, it would be ridiculous for any other industry to sue their customers for lack of interest in buying their product. For most, it would be an indication that the business model needs to change.

I do sympathize with the artists, of which we have several among us, but the fact of the matter is that you are in a very flawed and troubled industry by choice. I applaud you for following your artistic dreams, but no one is holding a gun to your head to stay in it. Hauling out the argument that mp3 sharing is taking food out of your mouths is an ineffective tactic, because ultimately it's only a symptom of a much larger, uglier problem. Something will have to change in the way that the record companies are doing business, otherwise they cannot expect to stay in business. Anything else is a band-aid, not a cure.
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