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Most insurance companies will not provide coverage if they so much as find out you have but one herp, let alone a collection. They consider them to be a fire hazard due to heating and lighting needs.
Marisa is correct in that people have indeed lost coverage on their homes due to this. I've spoken with someone in the past that had this unfortunate incident.
I don't own a house, but when I do I will be looking long and hard to track down one of these places you are talking about! I was unaware they existed. I thought only businesses could be covered for these sort of things.

Originally posted by drewlowe

The also brought up that if you are not coverd by insurance and someone broke into your home and you snake, lizard, or another animal hurt the person you would be liable.
Ugh! This is one law that has never even made the slightest inkling of sense to me. How if someone breaks in to your house, whether it was your dog, you herp, or even you defending yourself, YOU get held responsible! Am I just supposed to just sit there while I get beaten, killed, robbed blind? "Excuse me burglar, would just put your plan on hold and just let me call the cops. Please have a seat until they arrive." Bah!! I don't know how many times I have heard of the person that broke in to the place counter-suing the person for hitting them with a bat or whatnot. Freakin ridiculous!
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