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Brock beat me to it... market value is what people will pay for a product. I had a broken down 97 cavalier that I thought was worth 400 bucks for parts... nobody would pay it so I ended up parting with it for 50 bucks and a free tow... are you seeing where I am going with this?

Let me ask you something... why are music execs and workers immune to downsizing and cutbacks? I work in the high-tech industry and I had to take a 10% pay cut and see half of the company I work in get laid off because the market could not support the prices being charged. Is the music industry too high and mighty to be worthy of the same fate? If their prices are too high then they need to come down period. This may mean job cuts or an unlikley alternative **gasp** not as many millions in their pockets.

I NEVER have and NEVER will pay 80 bucks for a pair of jeans... I go to Old Navy and buy a pair for 30 bucks and I get a good long wear out of them and they are comfy. Are you trying to tell me that you wouldnt take a pair of free Levis if someone was giving them to you in exchange for a pair of Walmart specials? See where I am going with this?

Lastly I want to make one more point I overlooked in my first post... I support a band by going to see them live. This is where they make the bulk of their money and it is where I get to see a good performance (hopefully). I dont mind paying 50 bucks to see a good band but I sure as hell will not pay that much for the CD!! This way I also get to put the screws to bands that skip over Ottawa.... so many great acts play Toronto then drive right past Ottawa to go play in Montreal... well screw you I wont buy your CD or go see you in concert... kazaa to the rescue
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