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Brock, Brock, Brock... you just gave the perfect example of why the industry HAS to change. You're right, nobody wants to pay $30 for a cd they can copy off their buddy. That's human nature. Not many of us have loads of cash to spare but if you have the money to buy the album, or even single if you only like that one song, buy it. Support your favorite artists. Myself, if there's only one song I like on an album, I would download it... BUT... if it is an album by one of my favorite bands, I buy it. But that's just me.

Marisa, here's a quick record biz lesson for ya...

There are a few ways artists and record companies make their money.

1.) Publishing royalties: That is co-owned by the songwriter(s) and the publishing company (usually the record company). It's a little more complicated than that but you get the point.

2.) Mechanical royalties: Record sales. Split between the artists who made the album and the record company.

3.) Live shows: That one's obvious.

4.) Other promotions and merchandise.

So the artists make most of their money from the publishing royalties and live shows and the record companies make most of theirs from the mechanical and the live shows. Like I said, it's much more complex than that but there's just a quick break down.

And "Pop" stands for "Popular Music". And they're not trying to scam you. They are just trying to entertain you...
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