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Just one thing before I start, Cranwill, market value is the value that people at the market are willing to pay for it. And according to this thread, they are few and far between, or completely non-existent alltogether.

Okay, first of all I want to say that I prefer punk music over all this rap crap and pop sh*t, I think music is reflective of the individual listenening to it. I also want to say that my buddies who go down to Vancouver and stop in a Punk specialty store spend at least 200$ per visit either on CD's or clothes. Why? Because punk isn't as controversial as the stars of the show, rap and pop, and most of them do what they do for the fans, they are happy earning an average annual salary that a janitor would make, as long as it's enough to live. There are no specialty punk stores near me. Result? I have had over 15,000 songs over the course of 5 years from filesharing, and I haven't spent a cent on a 'market value' CD in all of that time. Someone said that before filesharing was around, people taped things from their buddy's tapes/CDs on a stereo. This is true. I remember being 6 or 7 and taping a Dance Mix '9(something) on my neighbours stereo, and I did this quite often.
Let's face it, people are cheap, they have always been cheap, and always will be cheap (edit to say 'look for the best value'). Someone said that it takes a few hours of work to buy one CD, that's how I look at it too. People have to work for their money too, not just these pop icons like that damn guy Justin Timberlake, and when they associate themselves with a record company that is going to charge 35$ per CD, common sense should tell him 'Wow, I'm going to be in the gutter before you know it!'.
Pop=short for Popularity Contest. It's all a big show and they are trying to scam us. And let's be realistic, rap has no energy whatsoever and most of it gives off bad vibes through its lyrics, IMO it's just a fancy way of saying bad poetry.
The quality stuff is where people have REAL attitudes, REAL jobs, REAL music and REALISTIC values/views on their profession. Take Jack Black for example, now there is a charismatic guy who I would gladly pay 10-15$ on a CD on, he's just so damn cool. Britney Spears? Not happening. I went to a Goldfinger show (punk band) this summer and they were protesting the meat trade, they had videos at the back where you could watch calfs and cows being slaughtered while still alive, boiled alive, slit open alive, bled to death and mamed while still alive. Would you see that at a Britney Spears show? No, and that's why I respect punk, because they don't care if they offend people, they are individuals, not mass marketed copies of an idealistic Barbie.
We had an exchange student from Brazil last year, he didn't have filesharing and he had no knowledge of it after he got here. Before he knew what filesharing was, though, he spent about 700$ on CDs that he thought were so cool. And he ended up only liking only 10 songs on all of them. Filesharing allows you to benefit from the music without hurting the bulge in your back pocket. 700$ is a lot of money for something you can get for free, and I believe that is why most people fileshare, at least that's why I do, do you know how many reptiles you can buy with that money? Exactly, it can be better spent on something worth your while than something manufactured to be good, but is only a major let down when you realize how the songs are sh*tty. My sister spent 75$ on two CDs for her friend's birthday, I asked her why she would spend so much money on these CDs, she replied 'Because [artists] have 3 really good songs my friend likes.'

I could have bought 3 geckos with that money.

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