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Chris, how is selling their products at market value "screwing you over"? If you think cd's are expansive, when's the last time you went shopping for a pair of jeans?!?!? There are products out there that are WAY more over priced than cd's...

Here's a challenge for all of you out there....

- Go find a talented local band... it will be tough to do.
- Pay for the recording, mixing and mastering of their cd.
- Pay for the manufacturing of that cd.
- Now go out and try to make a buck selling those cd's and putting on concerts.

If even ONE of you can make ANY money doing that, I will be VERY impressed.

It cost me and my band $11'000 to make our first cd (which pales in comparison to what "real" cd's cost to make). We got 1'000 copies made. Now, you tell me how much we would need to charge for our cd's to even break even. With labels, there are hundreds of people working on the project who all need a pay cheque.

Now, $30 is pretty steep for an album, but $80 is just plain stupid for a friggin' pair of jeans and I don't hear anybody slimming' Calvin Klein or J-Lo.

I guess I don't really know where I am going with this but maybe it's this; It's a big risk for a record company to put out an album. Sometimes it pays off like with the first album from "Hootie and the Blow Fish", then other times it doesn't... like with "Hootie's" second album.

Anyway, there are some things to think about... End of rant #2.
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