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I have very mixed emotions about this one... dogs and cats are pets that most of us were raised with. Many pets become another member of the family. My best friend in the whole world is my cat... would I ever let him be fed to something? HELL NO!! Seeing a cat being fed to something would really bother me too... but I don't think it should be illegal. If a person has the stomach for it then by all means go for it. Just dont make others watch (expecially children who have to go home and look at fluffy)

The animals that are killed off in shelters (another thing I have issues with by the way) are dead anyway. We might as well feed them to something that can use it. Why breed more mice just to die when there is already a viable food source?

I requested that I be fed to a tiger or something when I die... I figure that I am done with my body so it might as well go to use... but I doubt my family will honour that request LOL
Yah but have you ever smelled cheese? Some of it stinks eh?
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