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I have a lot of trouble feeling any remorse for screwing someone who has been screwing me for years. Had the CDs been coming out at reasonable prices I would have still been buying them... but the fact of the matter is that they are grossly expensive (if its not a brand new CD you usually have to shell out 30 bucks for it)

The last CD I bought was St. Anger from Metallica... it was 17 bucks after taxes AND came with a DVD of all the songs too. This was, in my opinion, worth spending my hard earned money for and was a very reasonable price therefore I bought it.

No offense to you Wun... but starving bands aren't the ones being hit by music downloads. People have to know your band to search you out... a travelling bar band isnt going to be a hot download and most people aren't even going to bother ripping any of your songs to MP3 format unless they want to send a song to a friend to show you off... in that case you should be grateful for the publicity.

Universal music made what I think is a smart move... they are lowering the prices on their albums so that people come back to buying. Most people wont make a stink over paying 15 bucks for a full CD.

Also, making a comeback is the CD single. 3 or 4 bucks gets you the song you want (and in many cases the only good song on an album anyway)

I have other ideas for the music companies to make music more pallatable for us as well... but thats for me to take up with them
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