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Hmm ok well what if it was a human baby that was going to be aborted anyway? There, that should stir the pot. Now who wants to say that all forms of life are equal? Baby, rat it's all the same right?

It's not just logic vs. emotion, it's a moral question. That's why it's not something that is about things science can measure like weight or even intellegence, it's about right and wrong. The reason people get angry about this question is that it is obvious that a higher form of life than is necessary is being killed for food. It's easy to see that it's wrong to kill cats and dogs when rats and mice are available. Even though human flesh is likely very nutritious we don't eat the dead now do we? Do you wonder why not??? Does the fact that they're already dead change anything? Not unless your plane has crashed in the Andes. Which reminds me, I ate a flight attendant once, but she survived. LOL! snoogins!
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