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Hmmmm, well, seeing as my father made me dispose of a few litters of kittens we couldn't get rid of any other way, I'd say I'm biased towards one end of the argument. Before anyone starts calling me a monster or anything keep in mind that when you live on a farm things are different than when you find a litter of kittens in a townhouse. There's nothing wrong with reusing the bodies (maybe keeping them out of hotdogs is a good thing???) but to do it in a classroom isn't the brightest idea. Had they been euthanized before hand it still wouldn't be right, since depending on age some kids still don't understand (and wait for poochie to 'wake up').

With the sentiments attached to "man's best friends" if it's going to be done it shouldn't be in public. So yeah I'm all for it. Just remember to take the collars off first....
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