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Personally I dont buy CDs I got sick of payin out the arse for them just to find out they suck then have them sprout legs and follow my friends out the door while my back was turned. To be honest I dont think Ive boughten a CD since "97". I dont listen to music much since Im concerned with what my daughter listens to and being 3 she'll repeat it. Ive tried to change the music I like for her benefit but hell it aint working. So buying or burning CDs realy dont affect me. I did recently download a movie just to see how long it would take with DSL but I had already boughten the movie.
As far as burning and downloading I realy dont get how it can hurt business. I mean people have been doing it for YEARS. Im 33 and I can remember when there werent any CDs or internet. What did we do? We copied off other peoples tapes or records and instead of the internet we would take it off of the radio. Maybe its not as massive as the internet, but then if anyone who was from that time looked back they would have to admit that most people did it alot! Personally I dont see a difference aside from now its more "high tech" and openly done.

Maybe if the recording studios and people invested in companies that produce CD burners or blank CDs or develop a site that charges some sort of membership fee heck I dont know.
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