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If you are a new artist, the best way to be heard is on tour or airplay. You make squat from touring and merchandise, you're lucky if you can pay for the gas to get to the next gig. You pay for the gas by selling copies of you CD at the show. You went into hock to cover the printing fees for your cool new tshirts, so your margins are zero on the resale.

Now you've got the tracks you never would have purchased, you share them with others that would have; now the starving artist is out another box of KD. Oh well, as artists we're supposed to gain inspiration from adversity aren't we? So keep up the good work!

T & J: I hear what you're saying and I agree in part. I also believe that you see my point. I download too...samples off the artist's websites to decide if I want to purchase the album.
Yeah, I'm up for a Guinness but I have a monster show to attend on Sat eve as well. I hope we can shoehorn some quality time in.

BoAddict: Ya gotta stop listenin to friends in the biz, man. Apparently they aren't the people on the other end of this stick and fail to see the big pitcher. The dudes in the middle don't give a damn, they still get paid no matter what. Yer take on the cashflow in the biz is seriously distorted too, man. Walk the proverbial mile before taking a stand like that.

If you didn't respect the artist enough to buy their work,
why steal it? That's like stealing food when you're not hungry...

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

With a side plate of steaming entrails,
And a nice Bordeaux!
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