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Hey guys. I am a big Kazaa user. I was sharing about 700 files as of yesterday. I got a message from the Canadian something or other warning me about how it was illegal and that I should not be sharing music. Blah blah blah. Just wanted to share that it is going to happen in Canada so make sure you copy all your recording out of your folders in your Docs. They are only going after big users so I am keeping mine to 50. Just gonna rotate them. Friggin Nazi's haha. How about all the unreleased stuff or the music that doesn't make it to Canada. I tryed to bring one in and HMV told me it would cost me $37 F'n dollars. To what ship it over the friggin boarder. They charge your ten extra on "imports".
I can phone up a store in Seattle and FED EX it up for cheaper and they want to tell the industry is so friggin hard up. It's the industry that cause this underground movement in the first place. Limp Biskit said it best "you just spent fifteen over your hard earned dollars on a shiny peice of plastic." Lower prices and then talk to me about what is fare. Cuz I would love to support the artists but lets face it they are not the ones that make the majority of the money of each hunk of "shiny plastic". So don't go hiding behind that starving artists BS. All the record company exects care about is get their new boat for the year! They sure as hell aren't going to pass a buck! And thats my rant! :mad TB
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