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Who gets to judge Which life has more value? Us?
Everything that is alive, belongs to the pyramid of life. The pyramid of life has the fewer beings on top and the most beings on bottom. This means that the one that is on the top (humans) can and will (eventualy) judge which life has more value as far as their leverage allow. The only thing that humans cannot kill (if they hasn't do it already in their mind) is God or Creator. For some it maybe heard selfish but this is what is happening. Top of us we have only the Creator. HE will eventually exterminate us like we are doing uppon other living beigns on the pyramid of life below us.
When the man understand that, then he will stop raping his mother (earth). Until then he will always find excuses and he will act as senseless as he is acting now, by killing everything near him for no apparent reason.
The fear leads to death as the window to the courtyard...JUMP!
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