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Getting back to the original topic....:P

As much as it sucks for the animals to go to waste, the backlash from parents and the community once their kids told them 'what happened in science class that day' isn't worth it. If the situation was explained fully, I really think only a handful of students would understand, if that.

On the topic of animal equality...certain animals have been domesticated because they appeal to us, as pets and companions.... others dont ....a lot of people prefer the more appealing fuzzy forms of life than the not.

This might not make sense......but if someone you loved died, how would you feel about them being put to 'good use' ie. organ donation, etc, before they were put into the ground? I think it's the same...even if it wasn't their pet, fuzzy animal lovers might just not like the idea of it, regardless.....but I understand we're not talking about using people's pets here.
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