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I'll admit that it gets a little murky when you compare relatively equal animals, such as a cat and a rabbit. Rabbits are often used as feed where cats aren't. I'm not saying that this is logical, sometimes we are arbitrary about which animals we kill and I won't defend that. What I was trying to illustrate is that sometimes it's obvious that one living thing IS more important. If you don't like the bee analogy how about the cancer one? Is a doctor a murderer for killing the cancer to save the human? Does the cancer have an equal right to exist? Of course it doesn't, that's just stupid. For that reason I think it is OK to eat animals for survival, however it would be better to eat plants if available because while lettuce is technically alive it is of a lower life form than the pig you talked about. The reality is that for one thing to live something else has to die. I think all we can do is kill the least valuable form of life possible. Don't eat people when you can eat beef, don't eat beef when you can eat lettuce.... Man, I'm hungry... Hot dogs aren't made of animals are they?
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