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It's true, I asked that question but I asked it thinking that it had an obvious logical conclusion. That being that it's easy to see that some life forms ARE more valuable than others. Maybe it's hard to decide whether a mouse is any different than a mealworm but it should be easier to decide whether a human baby is more valuable than a piglet of the same weight. The idea that all life is equally valuable is simply ridiculous. Would you have to sit and think about whether to kill a threatening bee who's sting could potentially kill an allergic loved one? Hmmm I really like Mom but ya know that bee has a right to exist too... Ridiculous, you'd squash the bee without even thinking about it because Mom is infinitely more important than the bee. Extreme example, sure but I think it's pretty extreme to say that all life is of equal value. Now I don't have a problem with making use of dead meat, hell when I'm dead go ahead and feed me to whatever, it's all the same to the dead, crocs, snakes or worms and maggots once yer dead yer dead. All I'm saying is it is BETTER to use a mouse than a puppy if it comes down to killing the thing for feed because a mouse is a lower life form than the dog is.
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