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Gino: IM not saying he's alive or dead one way or the other.. There were 'autopsy' pics floating around, but as you said, they could be fake. As for the scareface video, it was made AFTER Tupac died, yet Tupac is in.. I was stating points for both sides :P

Also, just because you don't like a certain genre of music, that doesn't mean it sucks nor does it give you permission to say it does.
So lets not argue over what kind of music is better then which, we'll be here for ever. Every genre of music influences the next..

His very first words are "rest in peace to my mutha ****** biggie smalls..." Whats with that?
Im not sure of your point there, are you saying he killed Biggie??? Its well known that Biggie and Tupac hated one another, there is no arguing that... But if you're saying that cause tupac started his song that way he was someway directly related to the death of biggie, you're wrong. That would just be stupid of him.. Eminem has a song that starts off 'this song is dedicated to the memory of Eric Shrodie'.. Does that mean that if Everlast (Eric Shrodie) turns up dead tomorrow, Em was the one that killed him???
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