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Because our emotions are so strong and deep with the higher class mammal pets, that doesn't mean that they are not meat when they die. I love dogs and cats and all my life i had dogs except the last 7 years (but i will have one soon-a pincher doberman-i cannot live without dogs).
When my Doberman died, 8 years ago, i felt like i lost a good friend, because, we WERE 2 good friends. I was crying that day and i was feeling awful. If that time i had a big snake i could never feed my dead dog to it, nor give it to another person to do that.
Beyond our emotions we must understand nature's ways. We are children of mother earth and father sun and understanding our mother we are closer to our selves.
I think that we humanize a lot many things in our lives, from living beings (names to snakes), to material possesions (cars etc.)
If those dogs were going to die or they were unwanted by anyone then i cannot see anything wrong in feeding them to a snake. In other countries humans eat dogs.
The fear leads to death as the window to the courtyard...JUMP!
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