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I agree with invictus here.To do it in private is one thing but to do it in front of students I think is wrong. The fact that it shows the general population "evil" in their eyes.

Mousekilla-You say a more valuable life of an animal. But that's just it. People are putting different values on animals that they see more commonly and cause they are "cute and fuzzy." I also believe the fact that reptiles are one if not the only pet that eats whole prey items without it being processed. It was said there is dog in some dog food but noone really notices it.
Look at feral cats and dogs destroying ecosystems..the government if at all is trying to get rid of them in a humane way while maybe the kane toad in australia is being killed out right cause it isn't as loved as a cat or dog,feral or not. If we kill these feral animals I think we should use their bodies aswell to the best of our ability. If we poison them we can't use the meat but maybe the skin or bones.
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