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I think that in the West we have a very different way of looking at cats and dogs than people who live in the East. For example, in India there are dogs all over the place roaming the streets... they are quite a nuicance actually and you will see dog road kill like you see groundhogs on the road here in Canada. A dog was hit by a car while I was staying at the Croc Bank and it stumbled into the Croc Bank. Its leg was broken in 2 places. Now no one is going to take it to the vet coz a vet costs money and the average person there does not have the money to pay for these kind of medical bills. Secondly I don't think they want all these dogs around. So the dog was recycled.... it was fed to the crocs that night.

Now I know when I first found out what will happen to the dog I was a bit shocked but when i thought about it I was just being ethnocentric. If I put myself in the shoes of the people there and lived there I would probably have done the same thing.
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