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interesting debate topic

I was surfing some articles on another site and came across one that was talking about a teacher who was going to be feeding some unwanted puppies that were going to be euthenized to a boa during one of his science classes. Needless to say it was stopped after compliants from parents and it has been said some students even cried about the idea.
In the comments that followed the article an interesting debate started up. One side obviously says it's wrong. The other side came from one person saying that he or she didn't condone the act of feeding the puppies to the snake but to show another side to the one track minded people. This person went on to say that majority of people are just being too emotional and hypocritcal about it. That noone does anything for the untrivial number of puppies and kittens being killed by a humane society then their bodies going to waste but flip out when someone is putting their body to use and continuing the circle of life. This person went by the saying "I eat what I kill and I kill what I eat." They were saying we should be putting those bodies to use instead of just wasting. We should be responsible for the lives we take.

I see this persons views and agree with them. I do not condone the pracitce of feeding puppies or kittens to snakes or other reptiles. One reason stated by this person was that herbivores supply better nutrition then carnivores do and that if this type of thing is in the public eye it really puts a negative look on the reptiles and the keepers.

Note: I took this persons arguements and placed them into my words. So if you see the article and the comments and ideas aren't the same that is because I changed them or added or took away from them.
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