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This just in , Rap's role as the most popular form of music has been superceded by heavy industrial trance!
Seriously, I think Justin Timberlake alone is more popular than Rap music.

Anywayz, I have a some favourite lines as well;

'My mic check's life or death breathin the sniper's breath,
I exhale the yellow smoke o' buddha through righteous steps'

'I hit the earth like a comet invasion,
Nas is like the afrocentric Asian, Half man, Half amazin'

'The assasin, brother who came blastin, take it without askin', ni**a's is all fashion, X-hibit keep mashin thru,
got any last words?
I got two, try F*** and YOU!'

And my all time favourite:
'I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a Baller,
I wishI had girl that look good I would call 'er... ' Ha Ha
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