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Originally posted by chondro python
I love rap but you need to stop puting up the classic's even I am having a hard time geting them.
Classics?? The songs he's posting are from the late 90's to now.. Thats far from classics.. And as i said before, they're songs you see on Much Music and MTV everyday..

Rap is far from the most popular music right now. I see 80 times more people rocking mesh back hats and spiked hair then baggy jeans and ecko gear. It seems like right now bands like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Linkin Park are what people are listening to now.. But then on the flip side, i have noticed a huge amount of punk bans (whether they be true punk or not is another debate) emerage.. Rap/Hip Hop had its moment and still has its followers, but not in the numbers it did about 5 years ago..
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