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there all really popular 3 of the songs are from the 90's but i still here em on the radio so now thats left is

I started these gangsta hits you mean to tell me this is the thanx i get HELLO

heres another song

Baby dont cry hope ya gotcha head up even when the road is hard neva give up.

another song

Sh*t tired of gettin chased by the police tired of gettin arrested.

this one is way easy

oh no i heard em bad boys comin cant stop now gotta contine my runnin

ill add another one ill go easy

man yall go make me lose my mind up in here up in there yall go make me go all out up in here up in there

one more

this might be hard

say now say now ca nyou come out to play now.
the chorus to htat song is tryin to get my mind and just befor i grab somebody reach out and snatch it.
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