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Can you name these songs

ok lets see if you all can name these songs i picked the most popular kind of music right now which is rap ok here are the songs

Everyone should know this one

you can find me in the club bottle full bubb look mami

new song

Come on come i see no changes every mornin i ask myself is live worth livin or should i blast myself im tired of bein poor even worse im black my stomach hurts so im lookin for a purse to snatch

That one shouldnt be hard ok hears a littleer tricky one i think its easy though

50:ay yo man whats takin homey so long son loydbanks: 50 calm down here come

[9 shots]

loydbanks: ah oh the fu*k 50: ah son pull up pull up

ok one more

How many brothas fell victim to the street rest in peace young n*gga theres a haven for g.

Can anyone name all these ill put some more up once everyone has named all of these or most of em and all of these are easy and for all you rap freaks like me ill put up some hard ones.
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