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Question- snake clumps

Iím not wanting to start a debate whether or not housing snakes of different breeds together is good or not. But regardless of breed, is there a reasoning as to why snakes will curl up on another and just sit there and chill? There can be rocks, hidey holes, sticks, whatever around them, but my snakes will always choose to lay on each other (in a non-sexy way). I was just curious why. There are so many people who say that snakes donít get lonely or really donít have preferences/feelings for one another, but yet they tend to stick around each other all the time. Anyone have a reasoning for this?

I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

How do I set my laser printer to 'stun'?
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