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I have had this problem for probly over 10 years... I just found my little miracal drug. I will never go another night without it. I used to be more like Linds not being able to sleep i would lay there for hours tossing and turning then if i did get to sleep i would have realistic nightmare. Horrible horrible sleeping. Thank god that all changed. There are these pills called "melentonin" (sp) no not the melen in skin. You take them about a half hour before you go to bed. Having my problems sleeping for years i was highly skeptic that this little pill that you can buy at walgreens or walmart can help me sleep. But it works great 5 mins after i hit the bed i'm out. If you have problems take this pill for one week and you will notice a HUGE difference. I've been taking them for a few weeks now and i have noticed a change. Now i can't go to bed without taking one. If i don't then i know i'll be tossing and turning until i get up and take that pill.
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