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I need a breeders help with some prices.

I am planing on making so seriouse investments now and for the next year or 2 But I need help making a budget.

I know what I want as animals and some I know there value but some I just dont know what there going price is so I just need to know the price I should expect to pay for these specimens.

so what is the curent running price for these....

Red Blood python
Spoted Python
Macklots Pythons
Rosy Boas
Kenya Sand Boas
Amason Tree Boas

Gray Banded Kingsnake
California Banded Mountain Kingsnake
Publen Milk Snake
Western hognose

and that is all I would apreciat Adult prices that way I can set my goles and pick what I should by first and work my way down the list.

also if you have a breeder that breeds that species that you trist is verry good state there name I will most likly call them up when the time comes if I am referd to them buy someone here.

I know Grant VG has excalent Bloods but that is all I know off as far as ppl that give good quality animals. and C. Marshell but what he has I will only afford in 10 years LOL.

I hope you all can help me.

Marc Doiron
0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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