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Thanks for the kind words!

Dog care is pretty basic and isn't too different from breed to breed. Common sense need apply. As with any large dog, setters need a good amount of room to run in, however these are not dogs that should be housed outdoors (although I do not believe in housing dogs soley outdoors, these dogs just wouldn't fare well anyways). They get matted up very easy so they need to be groomed regularily. They are big sucks and won't fight (believe me... ours won't defend herself for the life of it against the JRT's ). They are mouth dogs so they will chew, we had one eat through a wall once (not on an edge or anything, right through the middle ). Polly has done around $12,000 in property damages Not the most intelligent dogs around, and they scare easier than you could imagine, but definitely have the biggest hearts out there They are big babies that stay in puppy mode for much longer than most breeds. Here's a pic of Polly being

<img src="">
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