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Also, I would like someone to prove my way of thinking wrong. I am not saying this in a way where my opinion is king of all opinions. I am saying this is how I see it and would like to know where I am wrong to improve my way of thinking. I feel that occassional handling is good for the snake. Becoming 'acclimated' to the presence of human beings, in my opinion, is essential. I mean contact at one point or the other is inevitable. Moving cages, cleaning cages, feeding if you remove them to a feed box, or even opening the enclosure for feeding. Human interaction is not limited to this only, however these are just instances of interaction that come to mind and the time being. Now wouldn't you think that if a snake is already acclimated to you, these occassions would be much easier on them? Seeing the human as not being a threat would also remove any fear when they fear, smell, or see you coming, would it not?
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