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Kingsnake Offfer!?

Well today was my first day back to school(everyone else was in for 2 weeks). My old teacher approached me and asked if I am still into snakes and the whole bit. Well obvioiusly YES!!!! Her daughter has a Cali King and she asked if i would take it NEXT year when she goes off to college!!!!! I told her I'd have to discuss ti with my parents and think about what college IM going to and if I can take them. But I'm planning on living off campus. I really want this snake cause I like Calis.......and also cause I belive its under fed. Last year she told me her daughter feeds it NOTHING but pinkies because she fears it CHOKING!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Well I asked how big and old and she said it is about 18'' and alittle over 1 year old? Is that small.....I think so.

Please post your opinions but I feel I can care for one more but again. I am thinking this over ALOT. I will be discussing colleges this year so that may help.

Thank you

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