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Last year I went to a pet shop to pick up some supplies and saw a fellow with a severely bitten wrist and forearm from cagemate aggression. It was grossly swollen and obviously infected so I badgered the shop owner into letting me take him home to treat him before he died. He was a hatchling bearded dragon about 6.5 inches in total length and very skinny and weak.

As I got home, my neighbor from across the hall asked for a favor. She had plans to take her brother out to dinner to cheer him up after a bad breakup but then a guy who had attracted her for months asked her out for that very same night. So she asked if I'd go out with them all to keep her brother some company.

I didn't have time to set up a proper hospital enclosure for The Gimp, as I called him, so I treated his wound with Betadine and polysporin ointment, wrapped a splint and bandage around the leg, then stuffed him into my bra to keep warm while I went out to dinner. Needless to say, I formed a strong attachment to The Cleavage Diving Gimp.

The next day I asked my vet friends over and we found that there were breaks in 3 places and a large abscess in the leg. We lanced, irrigated and drained the infection and then installed Penrose drains so that bacteria and lymph could continue to drain rather than fester. I changed his drains every 3 days and gave him daily Fortaz injections to try and stave off an infection that would cause his leg to need amputation.

I kept him for almost 2 weeks and then another vet friend, an anesthesiologist, asked to adopt him. The Gimp is now king of his own castle, living a life of lazy luxury and still has all 4 legs a year later. There are some odd lumps and bumps on the injured leg but it is strong and healthy and he uses it normally. He is 19 inches long and approaching 400 grams so he's obviously eating good.
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