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No doubt it's at the very least a pain in the arse to be sued, though I think it's impossible to defend against any and all possible frivolous actions and it would be stupid to try to anticipate them. You could do nothing at all in life if you were that paralyzed with fear of litigation. Someone could claim that the colour of your socks caused them undue emotional stress and caused them to miss work and sue you for damages. Or they could claim that some posting in the Venomous forum made them want to pick up deadly snakes resulting in their envenomation. The list of potential stupid lawsuits is endless. What I was suggesting is that the administators of this site check out what their ACTUAL responsibilities are under the law and act accordingly. If, as I suspect, it turns out they would not be responsible for statements regarding problems with outside, 3rd party vendors then the site would be in a position to improve it's service by allowing people to post their complaints as a caution to other members. A better service = more membership = more successful and profitable site. That's all I'm saying. I don't want the site to be sued or to take stupid risks I just think it's an opportunity to improve the service they provide.
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