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There is no doubt in my mind that free handling hots is a really bad idea but saying that someone will free handle cause they saw someone on TV is ridiculous. If anyone can think of something they haven't seen done on TV or in a movie, I'd like to know. How come watching bob villa isn't making kids around the world install counter tops? People will decide what they want to do on their own. If anything, children that weren't aware that a certain snake being venomous, now know. I'm sure the kid that would have grabbed it, might think twice now. Don't get me wrong; if he used the proper equipment and didn't swing into a pond after a Gaboon, it would still be as interesting to watch. Unfortunately this kind of stuff (Croc Hunter, this guy, that other guy with the beard lol, etc...)is the only publicity out there for our hobby. Most of us never had programs like this when we were young and we still made our way into the hobby. There has to be some kids out there who see the positive side of what they're doing and understand that these people are professionals. Children will continue to pick up things that are dangerous to them. If a parent is worried that there child might pick up a deadly snake it is there responsibility to teach them about the local deadly snakes and how to deal with it if they come in contact. It seems ridiculous to think itís the responsibility of the television.
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