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Although we cannot talk to animals people HAVE done studies on this and I believe it was Eyespy (forgive me if I am wrong please Eyespy) who brought up the fact that the just don't seem to have ABILITY or "brain parts" to even make love or emotion. I found this single qoute on an animal website and I believe it is along the lines of what Eyespy had mentioned in another thread:

"The snake's brain (in structure) is very similar to a bird's brain but the snakes lacks the enlarged cerebral hemispheres found in birds and mammals. The cerebral is the part of the brain, which contains the learning. Sine the absence of the cerebral hemispheres, it is correct to say that snakes aren't very intelligent. But they can learn a fair amount. Some snakes have learnt when their feeding times are and often the owner will find them waiting. "

If the brain needed to make love and other emotions, or other learning processes isn't there, how can people argue and say it is?

Some interesting articles:

Some of these articles are for the point they may feel some are against I guess, some have nothing to do with the topic but are interesting anyways. LOL. Reading is good!

I honestly don't KNOW if they can feel or not. But I do feel that sometimes over estimating their feelings can be a bad husbandry practice because frankly some snakes ARE stressed out by handling and low levels of constant stress (which if a snake has they may still feed and act normal, doesnt mean the low levels aren't there) has been known to cause problems in many species of animals. So lets say a person buys a snake and "loves" it so much it ends up stressing out and eventually not eating and dying? I would think the safest thing to tell people is that snakes are solitary and handling is fine, but not like your dog or gerbil.

Anyways good topic folks. As for me? I prefer to leave them alone for the most part, and handle only when needed basically. They do fine without it and so far I haven't heard evidence to suggest they NEED it, so they go without it from me.

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