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Originally posted by chondro python
[B]I personaly find it hard to debate with ppl that have just a feew years under there bet I say this meaning less then 5. Simply cause they are still in the my snake loves me stage of the herp world. witch is fine we have all started there even I thaught my snakes loved me B4 then I learnd the painfull truth.
Well, I find it hard to debate with someone who has the spelling and grammar level of a 5 year old. It's called a spell checker, chondro. Look into it.

That said, this is the most pompous and arrogant drivel I have ever seen spew forth from you. (And people say I'm bad!) All of a sudden, you're a godlike being of knowledge, and you find it hard to debate with people who have less than a certain amount of experience which you, the almighty lord of snake behavior knowledge, has arbitrarily decided is enough knowledge and experience to keep up with you in a debate? And you are the keeper of the "painful truth"? Well show me the painful truth, oh god of knowledge. And back it up with a behavioral study.

By the way, I know people who have been herp keeers for 6 months who know more about herps than some people I've known who have been raising them for decades. So don't assume that because you've decided that 5 years is the magical time for people to keep up with you in a debate, that they don't know something that maybe you don't.

Now before you jump down my throat about being pompous here, I was proving a point; you are still learning too, I guarantee it. You have no more right to say that your opinion in this matter is fact than anyone else who thinks snakes are capable of love. You don't have proof, and neither do they. But then again, I don't have the magical 5 years of experience, so I guess I just have to take your word for it.

Sorry if this post seems hostile. I felt yours was hostile. I tend to fight fire with fire, especially in a debate. I look forward to your reply.
- Ken LePage
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