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Its all up to the person whether they need to handle their snake or not. For the snake, the less handling the better off they are. This may not suit a person however, for instance one that does educational work most certainly does not want a snake that is nervous when handled. It can also be useful in terms of safety to acclimate any of the larger snakes such as burms or retics to being handled while they are still a manageable size so that they are easier to work with when they are giants. I personally don't handle any of my snakes other than for general maintenance or photography.

Originally posted by Invictus
However, the way the argument was presented, it was portraying ALL snakes as being stressed when you handle them. This is simply not the case.
I'm going to have to disagree. No snakes enjoy being handled, hence it present -some- level of stress on them. Not all snakes are highly stessed by it, and some tolerate it extremely well, but it is not something they enjoy, hence it must cause -some- level of stress, though not apparently evident. Snakes have to be highly stressed before the exhibit signs of it.
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