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Originally posted by Aaron_S
[B]Invictus-I believe your snake comming to you at the end of the bed as a hide not as it's owner which it enjoys to be around. On a made bed it is wide open. So if your snake sees you in at the other end it goes towards you to hide and feel secure.
Who said the bed was made? He had plenty of places and opportunities to hide. I should also note that he came up and placed his head on top of my lap, not beside it. That doesn't look to me too much like he was interested in hiding.

It tried to put as much of its body against yours cause you should know snakes prefer close quarters and close hides so they can feel something on all sides.
Last I checked, corn snakes were commonly found in open fields in the wild. I'd say they're pretty used to open spaces.

So I think you just misinterperted(sp?) your snakes natural instinct to hide for emotion.
I never once insinuated that he was feeling emotion. I said he appears to like human contact. That doesn't mean he loves me. It means he finds good stimulation in being around something so large and complex or even just as warm as humans. As for my misinterpretation, you very well could be right. I won't deny that for a second. The bottom line is, as I said above, not one person here is an expert in snake behavior. We all have our own theories that stem from our own observances and our own experiences.
- Ken LePage
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