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Just yesterday I was in a “Pet Store” picking up some crickets. I always look at the reptiles while I wait. One tank had a breeding trio of leopard geckos and one looked very sickly. Her tail was extremely skinny and you could see the outlines of her entire skeleton. I talked with the manager and told him if I were him, I wouldn’t even be displaying the poor thing, let alone trying to sell it!! He assured me that she was fine. So I walked away to buy my crickets. While in the line up I kept thinking about her and made a decision. After the purchase I walked back up to the manager and said I’d give him $20 to take her off his hands. He said I’d at least have to pay cost, then went to get her. When he came back, he had changed his mind and said since I cared that much, I could have her for free.
So that is my little rescue story. It is on going. I got her to eat yesterday and am waiting for her to produce me a fecal sample to bring to the vet. She is not very active, but I have high hopes. I have owned leos for 3 years now, so I kinda know what to do……but I’ve never nursed one back to health yet. Wish me luck! Hopefully my story can have a better ending.
I am really sorry about your loss though. It is really hard wondering if there is just one more thing that you could have done. But sometimes, when they are just soo far gone, perhaps its for the better. Extreme malnourishment has got to be hard on the brain too, since the brain requires way more metabolic energy than the rest of the body. It’s just really sad that people could consciously let an animal be that far gone and not care enough to learn how to help it!
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