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Originally posted by sara
I think sales at the show might have been slow because you can't exactly impulse buy with alot of species and
LOL... I'm gonna have to disagree on that one. Every show I usually say I'm no, and pretty well every show I come home with something. I think impulse buys are at their worst at shows, I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me here. Not a good thing, many of us are responsible with our impulse buys, but you know there are definteily those that aren't. Guess goes the same for even planned purchases though.

Originally posted by Tarzet
[B]OMG Linds!!!!! You didnt???!!!!!!!!
Tasted good! I thought it was gonna be sick, specially 'cause they are juicy, but I guess all the mulberry leaves gives 'em a nice fruity taste!

oh ya.. I didnt even leave my table to buy them! :P....Brandons table was right beside mine!!! lol...he made me do it!!!
LOL...that's my new excuse everytime I leave with someone... "he made me do it!"
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