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Rant on breeders at shows.

So I went to the white plains NY show yesterday, which was great, and it was huge. While walking around, my roomate found this AWESOME ball python. the colors were fantastic as was the pattern. Best of all, it was listed at only $40. So we asked the sex of the guy working the table. He went and brought it to the breeder to sex. The breeder came over to us and said he is going to keep it if its a female, and although he hadnt sexed it yet, he was gonna take it off the table.

He told us the snake came from pastel bloodline, and although it didnt have pastel quality, it was certainly above the quality one would expect from a normal ball.

I honestly cant say I blame the breeder for saying he was going to sell the snake. It would definately make for a good hold back. Im just mad that I saw it, and was so close to purchasing it (or my roomate would have bought it) And then it was denied to me. That just sucked.

oh well. end of rant.
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