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I got 5 snakes and I wasn't even there !!!

2.3 cornsnakes (3 snow, 1 reverse oketee and 1 amel motley)

Simon brought the snakes to someone I know who was at the show.

I'm picking them up tomorrow. Can't wait.

"2 comments on some above replies"

1) Yes Simon is a great guy, I only got to know him from emails, but you can tell he's a quality individual.

2) Jeff, about the industry... I'm asking my self the same question.
Seems prices went down alot and that the demand is less than it was. It bugs me to have a hard time selling animals at 33% of the actual petshop sale value (i.e. leos that are sold 25$ and than can come up to 75$ in petshop). When will people start buying quality animals from private breeders ?

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