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I realy like the way this debat is is stuff like this that puls the best out of ppl and we can realy see who has ben doing this for some time now.

I personaly find it hard to debate with ppl that have just a feew years under there bet I say this meaning less then 5. Simply cause they are still in the my snake loves me stage of the herp world. witch is fine we have all started there even I thaught my snakes loved me B4 then I learnd the painfull truth.

I think it is just harder because both types of herpers are strong set on there point. But as we noticed when the experience steped it the debate took a turn for the best cause the isue was discused in a maner that envolves no emotin just facts and the pros and cons.

You see it is importen that the experienced herpers participat in the everyday debat be cause we need to keep in mind that there is all was some one lookig for knowlege and most likly wil read our debats.

A big thank's to every one that participated.

to all older ssnakessmembers is it just me or do you see or debates being more clean and informative then in the past. MAN this site rules.
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