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This was my first expo but a couple things struck me that may help explain slow sales. The first thing I noticed looking around was that there were a lot of just-hatched-yesterday looking snakes, particularily some of the corns and a few hogs, seriously some of them looked like they hadn't had their first shed or meal. I have made the mistake in the past of buying them at that size and they are incredibly hard to find suitable food for in my experience. I don't buy anything that small anymore and as I said there seemed to be a lot of that kind of stuff. The other thing was variety. While there was some super cool stuff there most of it was in the unbelievably expensive price range. For those of us that don't currently breed herps (and can't therefore rationalize it as an investment) and may only have a couple hundred bucks to drop, there wasn't a hell of a lot there. Having said that I'm not complaining, I at least saw some cool stuff and came home with a new BP. In the future, considering space is limited, maybe also limit the number of tables devoted to the same species. I don't know the practical implications of that idea but it's just a thought.
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