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This morning i went out herping and found about 12-15 snakes mostly waters and garters, one thing that all the findings had in common was every finding found two or more specimens together. In one spot i found four northern waters. Now before today i also thought that snakes were solitary animals. But when i think back over the summer and all the snakes i found basking and flipping rock, logs and tins I remember that many times more then one snake would be found under the same hide these spiecies include Northern waters, ribbons, red bellies, garters, milks, fox, and northern browns snakes. So i have to question weather snakes are naturally as solitary as we all think?? It could be possible that snakes in general are slightly more social then we give them credit for. Also note that these observations took place all summer long with findings of as many as 2 hundred snakes this summer.


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