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I wasn't sure how to vote here. The thing is that all of our snakes have names but I didn't name any of them myself. With the exception of "Tonto", the Great Plains Rat snake who had that name when we got him, our daughter has named them all. She was about 4 when we got started. Some names have some influence or reasoning behind them and others she has just simply invented after being discouraged from naming them after relatives. Here's our small but ever-growing collection

- Red Corn (Amik)
- Northern Pine (Alex)
- Great Plains Rat (Tonto)
- Eastern King (Nightstalker) I've nicknamed him "Manson" though because he is nuts and wants to kill me
- 50/50 Cal King (Beetlegeuse) this one we suggested
- BCI (Swedish)
- Female BP (Miranda) used to be "Martin" until we had her sexed
- Male BP (Martin) guess she likes that name

They're sort of funny names but we like getting our daughter involved with the animals. We thought letting her name them would be a good way of including her until she's old enough to do some of the chores. She's now able to help with feedings and holding them while I do cleanings.
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